National Preparedness Month Fair 2010

Since 2004, September has been designated National Preparedness Month:

National Preparedness Month is a part of the committed effort to strengthen the United States’ preparedness capabilities.  The national preparedness architecture encompasses the full spectrum of prevention, protection, response and recovery efforts to prepare the United States for all hazards – whether terrorist attack or natural disaster.

Since September 11, 2001, the United States Government has taken steps to encourage all citizens to make their own survival preparations.  September was chosen as National Preparedness Month, as the tragedies of September 11 highlighted to the nation the importance of being prepared.

This year O.M.E.G.A. chose to celebrate National Preparedness Month by hosting a preparedness fair.  It so happened that September 11 fell on a Saturday this year.  What an appropriate date to promote personal safety and preparedness!  The fair included presentations, an opportunity to tour emergency vehicles and activities for kids and adults alike.  It was possible to visit various booths for additional information.

National Preparedness Month  Fair 2010

The presentations included topics like situational awareness, terrorism, CERT  overview, disaster self sufficiency, Colorado weather hazards, resiliency following stress or change, amateur radio emergency service and self reliance in stressful situations.  Presenters allowed time for questions or provided opportunities to obtain more information.

Activities included such items as free chair massages, touring a mobile command vehicle, police cruiser, fire truck and ambulance, moulage demonstrations and a children’s activity area.  The mobile command vehicle on display was provided by South Metro Fire/Greenwood Village Police.  It is used at large incidents to assist with communications and can be manned by amateur radio operators.  Moulage is the applying of makeup to simulate injuries.  Moulage is used during emergency response exercises to assist with training in dealing with first aid and triage.  The kids loved it.  The children’s activity area included coloring pages, safety oriented of course, word searches and crossword puzzles.

Tents and booths provided fresh coffee, opportunities to obtain information on the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Ready Colorado, the Medical Reserve Corps, Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), American Red Cross and of course, O.M.E.G.A.

There was also a raffle opportunity.  The three raffle items included a bread basket from the Harvest Bread Company, a 72-hour emergency kit from the Red Cross and a first aid kit from O.M.E.G.A.  Entries to the raffle were obtained by completing lines on bingo cards.  The squares represented various presenters, booths, activities and O.M.E.G.A. staff.

National Preparedness Month Fair 2010

The event had a little over 100 attendees.  For a first time fair, we hosted a good event.  We are looking forward to next year’s National Preparedness Month Fair.  Hope we’ll see you there!

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