Dog Day Morning

Even though O.M.E.G.A. is a standalone 501(c)(3), we have a pet charity, literally, that we support.  The Dumb Friends League is near and dear to the hearts of many members.  This makes the Furry Scurry, scheduled for the first Saturday in May, a major event for us.  The Furry Scurry is a two mile walk/run event that takes place in Denver’s Washington Park.  Each participant may have a dog registered to walk/run with them.  A number of vendors are at the event to promote pet health and to provide pet products (grooming, toys, food, etc.).

Historically, personnel from O.M.E.G.A. volunteered to deliver posters and flyers to various parts of the Denver Metro area.  Also, members of O.M.E.G.A. volunteer to assist with the Furry Scurry event as well as participate.  This year, it was not necessary to deliver the flyers and posters.  However, we had a number of O.M.E.G.A. members help with registration and we had six members sign up to walk the event and represent team O.M.E.G.A.


A man-dog registers for the Furry Scurry. Photo by D. Hilfinger.

Working registration is always an interesting event.  We have members who have been working the registration table(s) longer than the event volunteer coordinators have been with the Dumb Friends League.  Other volunteers actually requested to work at our tables, since we know what we are doing and keep things from getting boring.  We registered two human canines (people in dog costumes) for the event.  That was a first for me; not sure about the others.

Per the Dumb Friends League’s web site (, the 18th Annual Furry Scurry event had over 11,000 people in attendance and over 5,000 canines participated, raising $1,031,262.  This is a new record for Furry Scurry fund raising.

The upcoming Wag-n-Trail event is scheduled for September in Castle Rock.  This event specifically supports the Buddy Center in Castle Rock.  Wag-n-Trail is a 1.6 mile route and usually has ice cream for your canine friend as well as other treats.

And if you are interested, the Dumb Friends League offers a disaster preparedness plan for your pets.

If you are interested in helping with next year’s Furry Scurry, pencil in the first Saturday in May in 2012 and keep an eye on the O.M.E.G.A. web site ( or the Dumb Friends League web site (

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