Ham News

Once again O.M.E.G.A. hosted an amateur radio class, Technician level.  The class had four potential students.  Due to various reasons, the night of the first class, instructors outnumbered the students by two to one.  George (WA9TCD) and I (KCØSWX) had one student.  At the end of class, we suggested that she bring her husband.

At the second class, we had two students.  It was a fun class.  We maintained a pace aimed more at the students than at the syllabus.

Towards the end of the class, our students had to miss a week due to travel.  In order to help them better prepare for their test, before they left town, we completed the material and did a review.  We postponed the practical exercise until after their return.

Prior to going out of town, our two students took their test at a ham fest.  Both students passed, one with a 100%.  WAY TO GO!

Our next class will be summer, 2012.  Keep an eye on O.M.E.G.A.’s training page if you are interested in taking part.

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