Operation Mountain Guardian – the Illuminati

We are the Illuminati.

No, seriously, we are.  I read it on the internet.  It’s true.

On September 23 emergency planners in the Denver metropolitan area hosted Operation Mountain Guardian, a Mumbai-style terrorism attack, across the Front Range.  This was the largest exercise of its kind ever held in Colorado, involving some 3,000 participants and over one hundred agencies.

Being invited to participate in an event such as this is quite an honor.  It immediately spoke to the fact that O.M.E.G.A. is a trusted partner in the local community.  Of course not being invited to a closed door terrorism exercise is a sign of…  It turns out that closed doors automatically imply conspiracies.

Our website traffic is fairly consistent, but in September we noticed a significant spike that was steadily growing.  Perhaps ‘steadily’ is a misrepresentation.  The traffic was growing at logarithmic rates, ultimately resulting in hundreds of hits per hour, twenty-four hours per day.  This is when curiosity says that it’s time for some research.  Where is all this traffic coming from and why?  It’s not that we’re against receiving traffic.  We just want to know why we’ve become such a popular internet destination.

As it turns out, the traffic came to us from conspiracy websites, which talked about this mysterious Operation Mountain Guardian, and how the end of the world was near.  Professional conspirators made note of meteor activity, the Presidential visit, Congressional recess, mysterious tunnels beneath the Denver International Airport and military mobilization in foreign countries.  Predictions of the end of the world and the coming martial law dominated speculation about the nature of this exercise.  The government knew something and something big was about to happen.

And O.M.E.G.A. was embroiled in all of this because it was one of the few websites that provided any hints of the coming exercise.  Conspiracy buffs at Above Top Secret, Before It’s News, God-Like Productions, Zeta Talk, Tinfoil Palace, The Oil Age and Final Equinox made guesses and predictions about the coming apocalypse.  And even though O.M.E.G.A. makes a lot of information about itself available at our website and on Facebook, we were called a shadowy secret society, a puppet organization of secret masters, bent on bringing about a new world order.

We are the Illuminati.

On September 23 we ran some five hundred individuals across the Denver metropolitan area.  We allowed terrorists to shoot helpless victims.  We diverted police, fire and medical services when they approached those in need.

We are the Illuminati in a fictional exercise, helping train first responders to stand ready for any disaster that may come.  We are a secret society training for the unknown, to preserve infrastructure and save lives.  We are a shadowy organization preparing volunteer responders to be ready to help their families, friends and neighborhoods when the unexpected takes place.  And we are quickly and easily forgotten when the date marked in red on the conspiracy calendar passes by without anything happening.  It’s amazing how quickly the conspiracy theorists move on to a new theory of something being wrong in the world when the target date results in a disappointment.  The traffic coming to our website dropped at an even steeper rate than the one it climbed at.

O.M.E.G.A. did get one mention in a credible media source, the Huffington Post, in reference to Operation Mountain Guardian.  They just noted that a large scale terrorism exercise would be held in Denver in order to prepare first responders to deal with potential terrorism events.

Training is the best possible teacher.  We train so that we can be better.  We train because there are a million real threats in the world and pretending that none will ever harm us is little more than playing the lottery.  Eventually someone always “wins”.  We stand ready to help in disaster, a disaster that we hope never comes.

OMG Props

A burned body lays in the corridor of the Katrina Building following the terrorist attack. Photo by J. Scott.


An armed terrorist stands guard over a handful of hostages at the Lowry Campus in Operation Mountain Guardian. Photo by M. Khaytsus.


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