Technician Radio Class

For the last few years, we have offered Technician Class amateur radio study sessions.  The fall/winter session is typically held two nights a week for five or six weeks.  We have had as few as two students to as many as fourteen students in the class.  The fall 2012 session started with seven students pre-registered.  Prior to the first night, two students had to bail due to work obligations.  We started the class with five students.  On the second night, one of the students received a phone call and had to leave.  Unfortunately, he did not return to class.  That left four students to finish the class.  Lynx (K7SET), George (WA9TCD) and I (KCØSWX) got the students thru the five week session.

The study sessions include a practical exercise.  This is where we pair a student with a licensed ham.  The students then practice transmitting and receiving on a radio using a simplex frequency.  It helps to demonstrate radio protocol as well as giving them experience.  For some, it gets them past that initial microphone fright.

One of the regular topics has been finding an exam location.  This year, in addition to providing the testing information, we were able to offer testing to the students.  For those who were ready, we offered W5YI sponsored testing on the last night of class.  All four of the students who completed the study sessions showed up for the test.  All four students passed the Technician Class test, giving us four new hams.

Attending a study session is not required.  However, for many people it offers a more structured way of learning.  It also provides an ‘elmer’ to ask questions of and opportunities for some hands on communications.  Attending a study session does not mean you have to take the test.  But, if you’ve already put in the time to attend the study sessions and read the material, why not take that next step and test for your amateur radio license?

If you’re interested in a study session, check out O.M.E.G.A.’s training website:

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