Moulage Class 2014

On January 18, 2014 we hosted a moulage class at the Center for Simulation Studies at the Lowry Campus of the Community College of Aurora.  The class was attended by 18 emergency responders and medical professionals from eleven counties!  The training focused on injuries ranging from simple road rash to cuts and bruises to more severe injuries requiring critical care.

Moulage 1

Students gather around to watch a demonstration of moulage development.

Moulage 2

Students practice moulage application on one another.

Moulage 3

A burn with blisters is applied to a student.










The most popular injuries are still the gory ones fitting a good Halloween party.

Moulage 4

The eye is covered to begin the moulage process.

Moulage 5

Injury site is built up and a gap for the wound is added.







Moulage 6

A little blood splatter to add flavor (and realism) to the injury.

Moulage 7

The finished product, complete with blood, guts and some ooze to simulate a blown out eye.








We are hoping to run another moulage class in January of 2015.

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